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    Want a Bang for Your Buck? Consider Certified Pre-Owned

    BMW is forever focused on excellence, precision, detail, comfort, and luxury. When you purchase your BMW you know, without a doubt, that you are purchasing a vehicle that is focused on the needs of the customer. If you want the BMW ideal at an affordable price, we suggest you consider a Certified Pre-Owned! Click on the video below to learn more.

    BMW is the brand to beat in the luxury segment, and you certainly won't lose out on quality when you purchase a pre-owned BMW! Our premium selection here at our dealership can't be beat in the greater…

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    Your BMW X3 is Your Key to Connection and Performance

    You never have to worry about staying connected, even in the most remote places! The all-new 2015 BMW X3 is a cut above the rest when it comes to handling, performance, style, and technology. Click on the video below to see BMW's chuckle-worthy commercial on the 2015 X3's superior ConnectedDrive service and apps:

    We would probably want to make a quick getaway, quite frankly! Luckily enough for that couple, the 2015 BMW X3 is the perfect "getaway" vehicle for you and your family! With a multitude of capable engines, styles, and the luxurious comfort BMW is known for…

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    It's Time to Welcome Warmer Weather, Flowers, and Yearly Maintenance

    We can all breathe a huge sigh of relief as one of the worst winters in history is on its way out the door! Everyone in Massachusetts can rejoice as we look forward to warmer weather-and most importantly-no more snow! With all of that good stuff, however, you must remember to give your daily driver a little TLC this year. Click on the video below for some awesome spring maintenance tips.

    Refreshing your daily driver is easy, effective, and can be done fairly quickly. If you have any questions or concerns, we welcome you to contact our Service Center, here…

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    BMW's First Electric Vehicle in 1972

    BMW has been leading innovation for decades, and their history proves that they had a major impact on the future. BMW's visionaries created the BMW 1602e in 1972, and was one of the first electric vehicles made. Click on the video below, to hear a little bit more about this fantastic innovation.

    That is truly impressive, BMW! This leading ground-breaking innovation led to the creation of a fantastic vehicle: the BMW i3. The BMW i3 is known for as having excellent handling and visibility, being spacious, nimble, and carrying the BMW standard for style.

    If you are inspired by…

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    Fall in love with the BMW X3

    Last blog post we espoused the values of the BMW X5, a roomy and luxurious Sport Activity Vehicle. Its size is great for larger families and we strongly believe it'll always be a class-leading favorite.

    If you're looking for an SAV, but don't need all the space the X5 provides, go down a size to equally popular BMW X3


    While length and height have been subtracted quality certainly hasn't been.  You…

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    The BMW X5 will help you through Summer

    We never thought the spring season would arrive, but it finally has and we cannot wait to forget this particularly rough winter! As the temps warm up we know you'll be more inclined to visit us at South Shore BMW to check out our new BMW inventory and go on test drives that don't involve dodging snow banks and plows; a bit of an exaggeration, of course.

    With the warmer season on?

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    Join BMW in 2015 with the 328i!

    South Shore BMW may be the new name, but at our new Rockland, MA  location we're still serving residents from The Greater Boston area and Norwell, MA with a fine selection of new BMW models! If you've been eying the BMW brand then now is a great time to still kick of 2015 with a bang by visiting our showroom to drive the luxurious and popular BMW 328i, one of the brands most…

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    Celebrate your new lifestyle with a BMW 320i

    Moving forward in life is always exciting. Perhaps you've gone from rented apartment to owned condo. Maybe you've been promoted from an associate to a manager. Clearly, you've taken the right steps to advance and at South Shore BMW we think your choice in car should change as well!

    We admit that there are some nice economy cars out there, when you go with a top trim offering. However, even with all?

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    Why and How to Wash your BMW this Winter

    Back in December we wrote a blog about Driving Resolutions for 2015 and with January coming to an end we wanted to check in and see how those goals are going! With the big snow storm behind us we want to talk about the 7th resolution on our list, which is keeping the outside of your car clean, even in the winter.

    While DIY car washes can be fun and relaxing in the summer the idea of doing so in the winter won't appeal to many  until we hit at least 45 degrees. That is why taking your car…

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    The BMW i3 makes it Super Bowl Debut

    For those who're at least 30 you certainly remember a time before the internet and the "@" symbol that is so understood in this day and age. When the internet first arrived a lot of people were confused by the idea of it and weren't willing to try it, and while not everyone uses the internet today, the vast majority of Americans do!

    Key marketing heads over at BMW decided to use this example of uncertainty and confusion and relate it to electric vehicles, a mode of transportation that is starting to pick up more interest each and every…

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