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    BMW 6 Series to Gain New Variant in 2013

    The BMW 6 Series has been a tight-knit family of executive coupes since the first model launched in the late seventies. As with most things, that survive consumers' mercurial preferences in the long term, the BMW 6 Series has evolved subtly, over the years. For, the 2013 model year, however, the Bavarian automaker is adding an all-new variant that looks more like a cousin to the current 6 Series models than a sibling...

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    BMW to Significantly Grow Hybrid Lineup in 2012

    BMW and the Tri-Pointed Star are poised to surpass luxury competitor Lexus, this year, for the first time in over 10 years. Already, the Big L is licking their wounds. But, BMW didn't become the largest automaker in the world by falling prey to sympathizing with the enemy. So, rather than step on the proverbial brakes, the Bavarian mastermind is pouring more salt in their Japanese rival's wounds...

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    Production of New BMW 3 Series Has Officially Begun

    BMW has been busy expanding their production capacity and a huge step in that process has just been completed. The plant upgrades in Munich have been completed which has allowed for 9,000 more jobs to be created.

    The other good news that comes out of this development is that the BMW 3 Series is a go for production and we should see it in dealership Showrooms sometime in February...

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    Need-to-Know Changes to the BMW 3 Series

    BMW is known, and favored for, their commitment to taking their time with production. However, they have never spent so long fine-tuning a ride as they have with the new 3 Series. The next-gen BMW 3 Series was first spotted testing back in 2009. That means it's been under development for approximately two years, at least.

    Appeasing enthusiasts who might have started to get a little weary playing the waiting game...

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    First BMW 5-Series Hybrid Available March 2012

    Fall has barely begun and already BMW drivers around the country are cringing at the prospect of winter. Happily, BMW Gallery of Norwell, serving Norwell, MA has something to help make the short, dark days go by a little more quickly - namely the all-new BMW ActiveHybrid 5.

    That's right. The first hybrid to join the venerable 5-Series, the BMW ActiveHybrid 5 will be available, starting in March. Designed as a midrange...

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    BMW Reveals Plans for High Tech Electric Scooter

    BMW electric scooter

    Most automakers are focused on making eco friendly cars with 4 wheels. That is certainly encouraged, but BMW reminded the industry that  the electric car movement can include 2 wheeled modes of transportation too.

    The electric scooter, which was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show, was officially dubbed the BMW Motottad Concept E. BMW, always famous for their performance, gave the scooter the same power as a 400-500cc bike...

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    BMW Experiments with Laser Headlights

    Many drivers are probably familiar with the really bright lights coming at you on the road or highway. The really bright ones are LED head lights which used to be a new feature, but have since become commonplace. LED lights create more light at a reduced cost and use less energy to do so.

    LED lights used to be the new thing, but now that the technology has lost its shininess...

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    BMW Introduces Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI)

    If you haven't already traded in your atlas or printed MapQuest directions for a navigation system, you likely know BMW drivers who have. Today, atlases are more relics of a bygone era than must-have tools. It's difficult to deny navigation systems are better. They allow drivers to keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. And, you don't have to rely on directionally-challenged co-pilots...

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    BMW Deepens Investment in America

    If you read or watch the news, you know well, the economy in America is ailing. The unemployment rate continues to be high, with millions out of work. And, there's no denying our country is seriously in debt. Not everything, however, is storm clouds overhead. What isn't often covered in the news is the effort of certain companies to better our nation's condition. BMW, for example is working...

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    BMW Adds 520d EfficientDynamics to 5 Series

    BMW is adding to their 5 Series in the UK. Currently the UK 5 Series lineup includes the Saloon, Saloon ED, Touring and the Gran Turismo and soon the 520d EfficientDynamics will be added to the list.

    The new BMW 520d EfficientDynamics will add diversity to the line, yes, but it will also set a new benchmark for fuel efficiency and comfort...

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