What is the BMW I SERIES?

The "i" in BMW i Series: Your Definitive Guide to the BMW i3 and i8

Sustainable mobility. It might be a term you never have heard before, but it is the core principle and defining factor of the BMW i Series and the innovative BMW eDrive technology you can discover in the BMW i3, true hybrid i8 and additional eDrive-branded BMW models. With a profound commitment of using less to create more, BMW engineers embarked upon bringing a grand vision to fruition, with ecofriendly electronic and plug-in hybrid vehicles that actually performed better with stronger efficiency, yet required less resources and energy to produce. How is this relevant for drivers in Rockland, Quincy, Scituate and "Serving Greater Boston"? These vehicles can perform at the highest of levels, save you serious money at the pumps and stay true to a more sustainable future.


The all-electric BMW i3

Looking for an example of this resourcefulness? The all-electric BMW i3 is a prime candidate, with 50 percent less energy and 70 percent less water used in production at the Leipzig, Germany manufacturing auto plant. This efficiency and dedication to being smarter with the tools they work with resulted in a vehicle locally-emission free car that is perfect for city driving and brilliant as far as performance is concerned, boasting a 114 mile driving range when fully charged, along with a completely unique design and excellent acceleration directly off of the line.

The plug-in hybrid BMW i8

What's your common idea of a luxury sports car? Our guess is that you envision an attractive, high-performing vehicle that probably lacks in the efficiency and innovation departments otherwise. The plug-in hybrid BMW i8 is the most progressive sports car you will find on the market today, squashing these ideas of limitations with brilliant fuel economy and a futuristic design that you won't be able to find a replica of. Known as a true hybrid with eDrive technology blending a TwinPower Turbo engine and electric motor for a staggering 420 pound-feet of torque, the i8 is a signal of the brilliant capabilities of a limitless imagination.

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